Domestic Abuse

Does your partner intimidate you?

Does your partner: make you afraid by using looks, actions, or gestures; smashing things; destroying your property; abusing pets; or displaying weapons.

Is your partner emotionally abusive?

Does your partner: put you down; make you feel bad about yourself; call you names; make you think you’re crazy; play mind games; humiliate you; make you feel guilty, on a reoccurring basis?

Does your partner isolate you?

Does your partner: control what you do, who you see, and talk to; control what you read and where you go; limit your outside involvement; use jealousy to justify actions?

Does your partner “minimize, deny, and blame?”

Does your partner: make light of the abuse and not take your concerns seriously; say the abuse didn’t happen; shift responsibility for abusive behavior; say you caused it?

Does your partner use your children?

Does your partner make you feel guilty about the children; use the children to relay messages; use visitation to harass you; threaten to take the children away?

Does your partner have a sexist attitude?

Does your partner: treat you like a servant; make all the big decisions without you; define men’s and women’s roles?

Is your partner “economically abusive?”

Does your partner: prevent you from getting or keeping a job; make you ask for money; give you an allowance; take your money; not let you know about or have access to family income?

Does your partner use coercion and threats?

Does your partner: make and/or carry out threats to do something to hurt you; threaten to leave you, to commit suicide, to report you to welfare; make you drop charges, make you do illegal things?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may be in an abusive relationship. For more information or to speak with a DVC advocate, contact In-Courage at 920.684.5770.